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Nele Tüch is a freelance writer who worked for various German print and online publications as well as platforms in the position of editor, content-creator and -manager. She focuses on the relation between lifestyle-topics and sociocultural phenomena – mostly tangent to the fields of feminism, gender studies, masculinity theories and fashion. In her master thesis, she deconstructed the ideal of the male privilege with a feminist perspective. In her editorial work, she likes to go beyond the 5 Ws, starting conversations and challenging entrenched ideas. Whereby the worlds of fashion, food, pop culture, traveling and social media are familiar terrain. 


Additionally, key-features of Nele’s work entail to connect brands and high-quality content – commercial and editorial – while presenting a stringent brand message and telling a story. 


She works in the fields of creative writing, storytelling, journalism, content-creation and –management, brand communication, cooperate identity, trans-creation and copywriting. 


For a quick "ciao" and inquiries please contact:

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